Blue Wave Events & Important Dates

November 2022

November 18th - 6pm Class 7pm White, Yellow, Green Belt Exam

November 19th - 5pm Black Iron Fitness Private Self Defense Seminar

November 20th - 1pm Purple Brown Belt Exam at Master Blevins' School in Wentzville

November 24-27th - Closed For the Thanksgiving Holiday


December 2022

December 3rd - 1pm to 3:00pm 14 and up Self Defense Seminar

December 9th - 4:30pm to 9:30pm Kids Night Out Dino Roar

December 10th - 12:30pm - 2pm Forms Review with 3rd Degree Rob Puhse 

December 13th - The 12 Days of Christmas

December 24th, 25th & 26th  - closed in celebration of Christmas

January 2023

January 1-2nd - Closed for New Year Holiday

February 2023

February 24th - Closed For All Classes Due to Tournament Prep

Febuary 25th - Sparring Tournament

February 25th - Closed for all Classes

March 2023

March 12th - 19th Instructor Vacation

April 2023

April 9th - Easter Holiday Closed for all Classes

May 2023

May 5-7th Tournament Technical Forms Competition

May 6th-7th Closed for all Classes

June 2023

June 30th - Instructor Vacation

July 2023

July 1st - 9th - Instructor Vacation