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Self Defense Seminars, Small Groups, & Private Events

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Self Defense & The Kubaton $25 Per Participant

Next Seminar January 28th

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During this two hour self-defense class we will explore proper methods to kick and strike with our hands, feet and elbows.  We will learn and practice various grab releases.  We will also introduce how to use the kubaton self defense weapon.  


We will discuss methods to keep yourself safe along with how to calm your mind during an attack scenario.  

Once you register for an event if there are specific items you would like us to address reply to our confirmation email!  We will do our best to accommodate  your request!

This is a physical seminar,  we will be practicing punching, kicking, striking, and blocking on heavy bags, and focus pads.  We will identify the locations of pressure points on ourselves and other participants in the seminar.  We will practice grab releases with other participants in the seminar as well.  We will practice release and subdue techniques on each other with the kubaton, we will also practice striking techniques with the kubaton on kubaton specific focus pad.


You may dress in fitness clothes with clean tennis shoes (our martial arts students train barefoot clean footwear helps protects their feet). You may wear clothing where you feel you are most vulnerable to encounter a self defense seminar, this can help you understand how you can move in that type of clothing better. 


A waiver form is required to be filled out for all participants prior to participation in the seminar.  Minors must have a signed waiver form from a legal guardian.

Content is appropriate for age 14 to adult.  If you have a younger child you would like to attend we ask for a guardian to participate with that child.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding participation of a younger child we are happy to discuss further with you prior to your registration.


Call us at 618-789-5223 or email at  You can also message us through our Facebook Page


If you need to cancel please contact us via one of the above mentioned methods to ensure a refund.


Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the event will not be guaranteed a refund.

We are looking forward to working with you!

You can book a two hour self defense seminar for a group or individuals you organize as well. This could be a group of friends or perhaps a team building opportunity for a work group. Those run $300 for the group.  We ask for a deposit of $150 at the time of booking the seminar, and $150 at the start of the seminar.


The final option we offer is hour long youth group seminars for $100.  Group examples can be boy scouts, girl-scouts, sports team, home-school groups etc.  Content is tailored to the age, parent expectations of content, and or badge requirements and more.

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