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Tae Kwon Do is more than just learning a few moves, earning a belt and going to tournaments. Tae Kwon Do is (and should be) a complete martial arts system that has been passed down from Master to student for generations and  involves your whole person.

Mind and body training is the idea. Learning perfect control, explosive power, composure under stressful situations and dynamic leadership are just a few of the topics that are part of the learning process.

There is a definite structure to the curriculum so you have a good idea where the training is going. And, while the training method is authentic with very old roots, our studio and teaching methods are very up to date.


Karate Kubs Preschool Class 

Ages 3 to 4 Years of Age

Karate Kubs is our preschool class for students ages 3 to 4 years old.  It is a play based program where students learn the very basics of martial arts techniques. This class is based on the foundation of our traditional martial arts approach. Students will learn how to follow instructions, develop listening skills, emotional intelligence, and practice behaviors helpful to participate successfully in a class room environment.


We use obstacle course training to help develop fine and gross motor control. Students will also learn basics such as kicking, stretching, blocking, and punching.


Our class structure also helps students learn how to appropriately interact with other students, and with their teachers. This is helpful in preparing students for a classroom environment looking forward towards the skills helpful for their kindergarten experience. 


Classes lasts 30 minutes, we offer both a one day a week tuition structure or an unlimited tuition structure.  Many students like to have a Dobok or training uniform for class, but the uniform is not a requirement for the Karate Kubs class.

Traditional Tae Kwon Do Training

Ages 5 to Adult

Our traditional martial arts classes are for ages 5 and up and includes students of all ranks.

Class typically consists of basics and forms training.  You can also expect sparring drills, and free sparring in this class.

Students will certainly learn how to block, kick, and punch in these classes, but our teaching methods also focus on developing the whole person.

Students will develop confidence, fitness levels, self-control, and much more in addition to their self  defense skills.

Self Defense Seminars, Small Groups, & Private Events

You will learn strategies to keep yourself safe! We will explore how to use your hands, feet and elbows as weapons to protect yourself. We will work through how to escape grabs, and a variety of other self-defense ideas and techniques. We also work with a simple self defense tool called a Kubaton.

Class content is intended for ages 13 and up. Price is $25 per person.

We also host private group self defense seminars.  These make great team building events!  Private seminars can better address the specific personal safety questions of your group!



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