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Adult Martial Arts - Change your body & life!

Tae Kwon Do is a unique and effective method to manage your weight, stress, and confidence. Tae Kwon Do is unique as your training can continue the entirety of your life! Oh, and yes you can start now, no matter your fitness level! Blue Wave Tae Kwon Do meets you where you are now!

I often hear adults tell me, I would love to do Tae Kwon Do, but I am not in shape! I also hear these following false ideas about training: Tae Kwon Do is for kids, I don't think I am tough enough, I don't think I have the discipline, I am not coordinated, and I am not flexible enough.

The structure of our martial arts program allows you to develop right along with the training. The physical demands and


expectations of a beginner student meet them where they are. The body, mind and spirit develop along with the technique requirements as you advance as a student. As you progress through the early month's of training your flexibility, endurance, coordination, cardiovascular health and strength will all begin to develop with the technique and skills you are learning. The progression of the program also helps the body develop in a manner that is sustainable. You will be challenged, perhaps sore but not feeling disabled for days after your first few classes.

The added benefit of Blue Wave Tae Kwon Do is the community that it brings with it. You get to enjoy meeting and training with individuals from all walks of life, fitness levels, careers, ages and more! Each of these students started as a beginner, and are excited to support a new student! They also know exactly what you are going through as a new student and are supportive in your development!

It is time to take control of your health and well being! Join us on the training floor now! You do not have to wait until Jan 1st to start your new you!

- Tammy Bauer