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Behave like the person you intend to become! Becoming a black belt in life.

Behave like the person you intend to become! Becoming a black belt in life.

I recently listened to a speech where the speaker said, “I was raised to be nice, and I was raised to be ordinary.” The speaker mentioned that at some point he decided that ordinary wasn’t what he wanted for himself. So he decided to commit himself to study his interest for 30 minutes a day for five years. What he noticed, was at the end of those five years he saw change in himself and that change in him began to also change the world around him.

Another individual mentioned that at one point he decided to give his life value by practicing and learning every day about what he valued. Eventually, he was surprised to find that people were starting to pay him for the value he added to his life! This did not happen overnight. It was choices and behaviors over years that led him to that moment where he had become what he valued way back then when he initial made the choice to become what he valued. However, he realized through that development what he valued changed, evolved, became bigger because he understood more.

This week Master Blevins talked to the lower ranking martial arts students that at any moment they can choose to train like a black belt. Many students begin training with the intention of becoming a black belt. When those students decide to train with the traits of a black belt, commit themselves to practice every day, act in a way that is valued in a black belt their world will change. When you reach that point, and that belt is placed around your waist, what you value has changed, your hunger for learning has changed, and you and the world around you is better because of it.

Those looking from the outside may see that black belt as a finish line. They will see a completed project, but reaching that point a black belt has developed an insatiable appetite for the changes experienced in both them self and the world around them. They have become what they valued, they have changed them self for the better, but now they understand that is so much more then they ever imagined.

So a black belt, every day, steps onto the training floor of life like a new student. What that student values isn’t always

obvious to others. They have done their 30 minutes of practice every day for five years. They have become what they valued. Now their path is theirs. They have created their own vision for what they value, what they are studying for every day belongs to them. This behavior makes them leaders, allows other to seek what they peruse.

This pursuit translates to becoming a person of value. Someone who others want to learn from, connect with, be inspired by. Others will see that black belt, and wonder what it is about this person that makes them excellent. They will see the black belt in them, and have no idea how to truly explain what they see. That black belt behaves humbly yet with confidence, and discipline, knowing that they can continue to develop, attack their goals, connect with others, because their training has taught them this.

Yet, unceasingly, a black belt always shows up with an empty cup, ready to fill it to the brim over and over again. They may look ordinary, and they will be nice, but they are not be ordinary. Others will see it, want it, but not know what it is. This becomes who the black belt is, so to that individual, it may feel ordinary, but others will value what they have worked to become. The change they sought through their disciple will change them and the world around them, and inspire others to seek out that value.

A black belt consistently behaves like the person they want to become, what they value. That person will continue, without end, to behave in the ways they value, and because of this, will have a life full of color. That person will happily endure that hardship so that they can receive the never-ending benefits of living in that manner.

It is never easy, but it is always worth it.

  • Miss Tammy