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Do not indulge in the emotions of being dead!

Do not seek the emotions of being dead!

(Worth the read, and the watch)

Right now, Every week, I spend an hour or two researching emotional intelligence for our Karate Kubs preschool program. Doing this, and talking with our Kubs I always learn and am reminded of way more then I expect.

This morning I spent time developing coloring pages, ,and discussion points for the Kubs for the following three emotions or behaviors. Sadness, crying, and confidence. I started to think about these emotions, and almost developed another page that talks about good and bad emotions, and I realized I do not like defining emotions as good or bad.

Emotions help us navigate our life, our situations, motivate us, help up release positive and negative energy, que us to danger, shows us areas where we need to develop and so much more.

In my research to use better words with our Kubs to describe the different categories of emotions we experience I came across this.

This is fantastic, and speaks to so much of what happens on the training floor, both in fitness and martial arts classes! It also speaks to what is required for a fulfilling life, experiencing the full spectrum of human emotion!


- Miss Tammy