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Curious About Essential Oils? Here is Miss Tammy's Experience

Essential Oils

I have been asked by several clients and adult students recently about essential oil usage. I love essential oils, and have been using them daily for a number of things for almost 5 years now. I started using them when I first started becoming ill with Chiari symptoms. Because of the unique impact Chiari has on the brain I would have wild and weird reactions to medications. I was looking for alternative solutions for relief from my symptoms that didn't come with crazy side effects. During this time I also made dramatic and strict changes to my diet as well. At first I mostly diffused essential oils to help with mood and energy levels. When I had my surgery the loss of spinal fluid led to terrible nausea. It was dangerous for me to throw up in the first couple weeks following surgery. In the recovery room I woke up with a cottonball of peppermint essential oil in my oxygen mask. This really helped, a lot. I had never experienced nausea so terrible, and I found the peppermint caused relief. It was a neat experience to find that medical professionals were using essential oils in their care! They sent me home with a small bottle of oil to help me on our trip. I used the peppermint oil in a bath, one of my symptoms recovering was hot flashes and a few drops of peppermint in my bath helped cool my skin. Since I had a lot of time to sit around and read while recovering my first several weeks after surgery I began to research even more about the uses and benefits of various oils. A few thing I have learned is:

  • various oils impact different individuals differently

  • some oils are toxic to pets (luckily I didn't find this out the hard way, but through research)

  • My kids may call me a witch, I prefer shaman, because of my love and use of essential oils, however they all carry some and use them everyday!

  • I really enjoy making different everyday house hold items from my oils! It has become and fun and soothing weekend activity for me!

My Favorite Things

  • I created an essential oil blend skin toner mixed with witch hazel that I use to clean my face with every morning and evening. After about 6 different variations I found one I love, and had balanced my skin! Let me know if you are interested in the recipe.

  • doTERRA's Immortalle is their youthful skin blend. I absolutely love the way it smells, it feels great on my skin, and when I look in the mirror I see just a little less of those lovely lines that come with your 40's!

  • Frankincense has a huge list of benefits, and is one of my favorite scents. I especially love it blended with lavender.

  • do-Terra's Deep Blue blend is the oil blend we use the most of. We have an active family who tend to have sore muscles often! We all use this blend before and after our workouts!

Looking for some fun essential oil ideas you can visit this website for some great ideas! https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/bluewavestrong/do-it-yourself - Miss Tammy