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The Unexpected Gifts - of Becoming Skilled in Traditional Martial Arts

The Unexpected Gifts - of Becoming Skilled in Traditional Martial Arts

Becoming Skilled, the hidden gifts you receive along the way!

Many people step onto the martial arts training floor for the first time for a large number or reasons. Some train because they LOVE Ninja turtles, others are seeking confidence. Some individuals begin because they do not enjoy the gym, but would like an alternative to typical fitness avenues. Some are looking for self-defense and/or fighting skills. We have individuals begin class looking for a unique opportunity for competition. The list of reasons why students begin training is great! Just about all of those reasons are fantastic reasons to start!

As students train their reasons for continuing their training often change significantly from why they began, and all those reasons are correct as well, and will continue to evolve the longer the individual trains.

As a student becomes skilled in their martial art amazing changes typically happen within them. A student receives benefits from training most had no idea they would receive from their time on the training floor. Here are a few, common, yet not so obvious benefits to long term traditional martial arts training, and becoming skilled in the art.

  • Patience with oneself and others

  • Humility

  • An insatiable desire to learn

  • Gentleness

  • The ability to function at a high level during emotional turmoil

  • Enhanced quality of daily life

  • Reduction of accidents and clumsiness during daily living

  • Increased awareness to recognize ones own mistakes, the ability to admit openly to mistakes, take ownership of them, and take corrective measures to resolve

These are just a few of the less obvious and fantastic attributes that can be developed through becoming skilled, and long term traditional martial arts training.

It will not be easy, but it will be worth it!

- Miss Tammy



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