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Avocado Mouse Fail

TOTAL FAILURE! Avocado Mouse

Well, this week's blog was supposed to be about this super fantastic avocado mouse I made a couple weekends ago. Man it was SO EASY to make. I was craving chocolate bad so I thought lets do this a bit healthier then hiding in the laundry room eating my moderately yummy Hershey bar while I hid from the kids.

Cocoa powder, vanilla, salt, a couple ripe avocados, and honey whipped to perfection in my ninja blender.

Chill for an hour then serve! YAY! IT'S GOING TO BE SO YUMMY!

Wait what? No, that cant' be right. Lets taste that again.

EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Pinterest you have failed me!

Please send us your AWESOMELY yummy Avocado Mouse recipes that you have already tried, and I hope to visit this blog post again sharing with you all Avocado Mouse that could change your life. You may also bring it for the Blue Wave staff to sample already made as well. I am okay with that! Instead of this sad sad failure of mine.

I'm so disappointed. I thought it was going to be so yummy. Prove to me chocolate and avocado are a match made in healthy fat and cocoa heaven.

- Miss Tammy