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Helping Your Child Find Success on the Training Floor and Life

As Parents we place our children in martial arts for various reasons. My family began training because our pediatrician

suggested it would help my son's speech, and fine motor development. I also thought both my children could learn how to endure and overcome hardship. Common reasons I hear that children try traditional arts range greatly!

  • Develop self confidence!

  • Protect him/herself.

  • Develop more discipline.

  • My child LOVES Ninja turtles and, Three Ninjas, Power Rangers etc.

  • Exercise

  • Develop listening skills

  • Increase ability to focus

  • An activity that focuses on the individual while allowing a community

  • Develop compassion

  • Manage temper

  • Overcome and endure hardship

  • Learn that hardwork has great rewards

  • Responsibility for own actions and decisions

Once your child has started training, Mom and Dad, they will need your help with a few things! Truly, the easiest way to understand your role as a martial arts parent is to train with your child. The feelings hardship, and

pieces of training that is almost impossible to describe will belong to you as well. BUT I understand the training floor is not for everyone!

  • Help your child take responsibility for their training uniform (Dobok) and belt. Get them a tae kwon do bag, and help them

remember their belt and uniform, but also let them know that it is their responsibility to make sure it gets to class. If a uniform or belt is forgotten discuss with your child the best way to ensure it doesn't happen next time. Plan together an action plan that is appropriate for your child to take action against. It should not all fall to Mom and Dad. Afterall, it is a belt that they worked very hard to earn.

  • It is important to understand yellow belt and brown belt ranks are challenging, but when they achieve the next rank children will learn that sticking it out through the hard times is completely worth it! Parents will need to help their children persevere through these times!

  • It is okay for a child to experience failure, frustration, hardship during training. It is both the parent and instructors' jobs to help the student overcome those feelings and move forward. In the lower ranks success is related to coming to class and listening to instructions. As studetns advance in rank there is more to it, but it really is about always doing your best and not giving up.

  • Kids are not always going to want to come to class. Transition can be difficult especially when the transition time is something like video games to tae kwon do. Typically, most kids, once class begins are happy to be in class. Consistency is key, and helps teach discipline. Getting the kids to class on the days it can be is a struggle is worth it in the long run! Discipline is the facilitator of success once motivation is gone!

  • Talking with the instructor about what is going on with your child is extremely helpful. Each child is special and unique.

Knowing what is challenging them, that they are feeling aprehensive to go to class, or even having trouble in school can be turned into teachable moments, by both the parents and instructors.

  • Gentle reminders about training floor behavior is appreciated, but shouldn't be delivered in a nagging or punishing manner. Parents supporting expectations met on the training floor with rewards is great, and reminders when things don't go as well as they should are appreciated. Asking a child to apologize or speak with an instructor for behaviour that doesnt match our expectations is also acceptable. Constant scolding, incessant reminders can create anxiety and even class retaliation in your child that is related to their martial arts training. You may also leave it all in the hands of the instructor, that is also appropriate. Our instructors want the same thing you do for your child, that is long term success in their current endevours and life!

  • If at any time you feel like you need to speak to your child's instructor we welcome and encourage those to occur! When your child trains the entire family becomes a member of Blue Wave. Their success and growth is a partnership between student, parent, instructor, and all those that train with him or her! - Miss Tammy