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Smell Wonderful! Naturally!

Over the past several years there has been some conflicting information regarding the use of aluminum in products for the body and its potential impact on brain function. Initial studies showed that dementia and Alzheimer patients were often found to have elevated levels of aluminum in their bodies. Research has not been conclusive on if the two are correlated or not. With my Chiari (a herniation of the brain into the spinal column) I decided to learn more about healthy behaviors for the brain. In my research, the possible impact of aluminum on the brain was a surprising finding. A common source of aluminum that enters the body is said to be found in deoderant. Aluminum chlorohydrate is a group of salts that is made by reacting aluminum with hydrochloric acid. Its most common use is in deodorants and antiperspirants because it alters the pH balance of the skin and the production of sweat. It is used as an antiperspirant. I have used MANY different aluminum free deoderants, and I sweat a lot, and multiple times daily. The aluminum free deoderants do not help as an antiperspirant, but I was hoping they would still manage my body odor. I have tried a number of them, and here is what I have found.

Most aluminum free deodorant has coconut oil as a base and caused oily gooey armpits that lead to armpit fart sounds when I worked out and trained. While not really a big deal, I didn't really wants those around me wondering if I had a bean burrito before working out.

These deodorants worked okay for body odor control for day to day sweaty moments, but NOT for workout and training sweaty moments.

They are typically more expensive then aluminum based deodorant, and tend to not last as long.

Some brands require you to scoop it out of the container with your fingers and rub the deodorant on your armpits. I'm not sure why, but I found this a tad bit gross. Even my own armpits.

Here are a couple I have used

  • Crystal (Available at Green Earth) - Smells good until I sweat, did not help me with body odor control at all.

  • The Smelly Gypsy Pit Paste (Available at Green Earth) - Have to rub on your armpits with fingers, smells great and helped with normal sweating. Did not last at all through a workout to help with odor. Was the worst at loud wet sounding armpit farts during workouts.

  • I also tried about 10 different aluminum free deoderants I purchased from etsy - most of them made from essential oils. They all smelled great when applied, but just did not have lasting power.


I came across a powder based deoderant called Scent of Samadhi. The product I purchased was from Sensitive Planet. It is not cheap, but is lasting a long time because it really only requires a tiny amount for each armpit.

It is a powder made of Red Sandalwood, tulsi, rose oil, clove and other herbs. It has an extremely earthy hippie smell to it. I apply mine to each pit with a makeup brush pictured above with Kermit. When my body warms up and I start to sweat it seems to activate the powder and I actually smell nice when I start to sweat. It lasts through a workout.

The product doesn't keep me from sweating, but really does a nice job managing body odor. The product is not cheap, but only requires a tiny amount. The first jar I purchased has lasted over three months so far, and is still half full. If you were looking for a deoderant with a few less chemicals I would suggest giving this one a shot! Below is the link I purchased the product from. I have also seen it available on the walmart website and Amazon as well. https://sensitiveplanet.com/collections/original-scent-of-samadhi-formula

- Miss Tammy



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