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Do not indulge in the emotions of being dead!

Do not seek the emotions of being dead! (Worth the read, and the watch) Right now, Every week, I spend an hour or two researching emotional intelligence for our Karate Kubs preschool program. Doing this, and talking with our Kubs I always learn and am reminded of way more then I expect. This morning I spent time developing coloring pages, ,and discussion points for the Kubs for the following three emotions or behaviors. Sadness, crying, and confidence. I started to think about these emotions, and almost developed another page that talks about good and bad emotions, and I realized I do not like defining emotions as good or bad. Emotions help us navigate our life, our situations, motivate

Curious About Essential Oils? Here is Miss Tammy's Experience

Essential Oils I have been asked by several clients and adult students recently about essential oil usage. I love essential oils, and have been using them daily for a number of things for almost 5 years now. I started using them when I first started becoming ill with Chiari symptoms. Because of the unique impact Chiari has on the brain I would have wild and weird reactions to medications. I was looking for alternative solutions for relief from my symptoms that didn't come with crazy side effects. During this time I also made dramatic and strict changes to my diet as well. At first I mostly diffused essential oils to help with mood and energy levels. When I had my surgery the loss o

The Unexpected Gifts - of Becoming Skilled in Traditional Martial Arts

The Unexpected Gifts - of Becoming Skilled in Traditional Martial Arts Becoming Skilled, the hidden gifts you receive along the way! Many people step onto the martial arts training floor for the first time for a large number or reasons. Some train because they LOVE Ninja turtles, others are seeking confidence. Some individuals begin because they do not enjoy the gym, but would like an alternative to typical fitness avenues. Some are looking for self-defense and/or fighting skills. We have individuals begin class looking for a unique opportunity for competition. The list of reasons why students begin training is great! Just about all of those reasons are fantastic reasons to start! As stu

Avocado Mouse Fail

TOTAL FAILURE! Avocado Mouse Well, this week's blog was supposed to be about this super fantastic avocado mouse I made a couple weekends ago. Man it was SO EASY to make. I was craving chocolate bad so I thought lets do this a bit healthier then hiding in the laundry room eating my moderately yummy Hershey bar while I hid from the kids. Cocoa powder, vanilla, salt, a couple ripe avocados, and honey whipped to perfection in my ninja blender. Chill for an hour then serve! YAY! IT'S GOING TO BE SO YUMMY! Wait what? No, that cant' be right. Lets taste that again. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Pinterest you have failed me! Please send us your AWESOMELY yummy Avocado Mouse recipes that you have already

Helping Your Child Find Success on the Training Floor and Life

As Parents we place our children in martial arts for various reasons. My family began training because our pediatrician suggested it would help my son's speech, and fine motor development. I also thought both my children could learn how to endure and overcome hardship. Common reasons I hear that children try traditional arts range greatly! Develop self confidence! Protect him/herself. Develop more discipline. My child LOVES Ninja turtles and, Three Ninjas, Power Rangers etc. Exercise Develop listening skills Increase ability to focus An activity that focuses on the individual while allowing a community Develop compassion Manage temper Overcome and endure hardship Learn that hardwork has



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