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TRAPPED - Living in survival mode, and moving beyond it.

The trap, behind living in survival mode, and how to move beyond it. It is not unusual to hear people share with one another that they are living in survival mode! I have felt that way a couple of times in my life. You can get to the point where your daily activities feel only related to the simple act of surviving. Life starts to become one long to do list where you are checking off the, to do boxes, barely navigating life’s obstacles thrown your way, and not living the way you want. The reasons why we find ourselves functioning this way can come from a number of sources, but staying in this mode or moving beyond it may be entirely in your control. Our bodies have a true physical respons

Smell Wonderful! Naturally!

Over the past several years there has been some conflicting information regarding the use of aluminum in products for the body and its potential impact on brain function. Initial studies showed that dementia and Alzheimer patients were often found to have elevated levels of aluminum in their bodies. Research has not been conclusive on if the two are correlated or not. With my Chiari (a herniation of the brain into the spinal column) I decided to learn more about healthy behaviors for the brain. In my research, the possible impact of aluminum on the brain was a surprising finding. A common source of aluminum that enters the body is said to be found in deoderant. Aluminum chlorohydr



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